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Residential Driveway Services

Important Note: We ask you to please use driveway markers and properly tie up shrub material to reduce any winter damage or stress to your landscape.




Driveways are opened after the plow has cleaned the street. Once all driveways have been opened, we follow up with a clean-up. Early response is recommended to ensure availability.


SINGLE DRIVEWAY $460.87 + 69.13 HST = $530.00


1& ½ DRIVEWAY $473.91 + 71.09 HST = $545.00


DOUBLE DRIVEWAY $486.96 +  73.04 HST = $560.00



Regular Service


Driveways opened AFTER PRIORITY service has been completed.


Please Note: Due to highway safety concerns we are not able to offer Regular Service on high traffic streets. Please contact us if you have any questions.


SINGLE DRIVEWAY $373.91 + 56.09 HST = $430.00


1& ½ DRIVEWAY $391.30 + 58.70 HST = $450.00


DOUBLE DRIVEWAY $413.04 + 61.96 HST = $475.00



Please make full payment to the address above by Nov. 30, 2023. Payment in 2 cheques will also be accepted with one dated Nov. 30, 2023 for one half of the cost and a second cheque post-dated for Jan 31, 2024 for the second half. We also accept Cash and E-Mail Money Transfer (please include name, address for service, type of service and password in the note section) to Please make full payment by December 1, 2023 to secure your spot.

There will be a $40.00 charge for any NSF cheques.

Signed contract must be received at the address above in order to activate services.

Commercial Parking Lot Services

Our commercial services consist of snow removal,salting and sanding in the Charlottetown area. The prices vary based on the level service. We do properties such as gas stations, hotels, apartment buildings, retail stores, industrial buildings, etc. Some of which require 24 hour service. To get a quote or find out if we are in your area please contact the office.

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